(Updated )

New updates and improvements to Type the Word

  • - Fix: At some point I broke the ability to access 2 Timothy 😅. 2 Timothy is now accessible!
  • - Add links for easily navigating to the previous and next passages.The two links at the end of each passage that make navigation easier
    • Remove restriction preventing you from backspacing through correct words. This update makes getting 100% accuracy still possible when you have a missed typo.
    • Fix a bug where you couldn't complete a verse without logging in.
    • Fix the flicker that could happen when completing a verse.
  • - Add some much needed database indexes to speed up the history page.Two devtools of the before and after of adding indexes to the history page
  • - Update the /history page with an overview section to see what passages you've typed.
    • Fixed weird gap in typed indicator in sections that have quotes like Hebrews 2 verse 13.
    • Fixed the small animation happening between /passage pages and other pages
    • Fixed flicker that would happen on completing verses
    • Tweaked cursor animation logic to disable vertical cursor animation, but animate for longer words that are completed to early.
    • Updated the passage selection state to work with native browser navigation.
    • Created this changelog
  • - Wrote a blog post about all the little details
  • - Added Dark Mode (Thanks to @IsaacHatton)
  • - Added smooth scrolling
  • - Released Type the Word